With depth, concision, compassionate Mama-bear love,
a buoyant personality and a knack for holding space we’ll work together
to reveal your lightest light and make peace with your shadowy parts.


“YOU are the dream-weaver, the vision-keeper, the myth-maker.
YOU are the one you’ve been waiting for.”

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My commitment to you:

★ I’ve got your back
★ I keep it real
★ There will be belly laughs, tears, playfulness…
and occasional gettin’ down to bizness (with a side of cheese)
★ I’ll hold you accountable for your growth
★ I’ll empower you to stand in your strength

To support our work together, I bring:

★ 14+ years of teaching yoga full-time
★ 9 years of studio owning
★ 8+ years of leading teacher trainings around the globe
★ Continuing studies in Mountain Shamanism
(from the lineage of the Q’ero Medicine People of Peru)
★ Meditation as taught by my teacher Master Dhyan Vimal, and Ayurveda
★ Sincere love for what I do; I count my blessings daily

About Kristin



Short Biography:

૱I believe I am here to teach you how to love yourself.  Did anything come up for you when you read that sentence?  Whether or not, here I come… I’d like to share simple and accessible Self-care practices with you that will inevitably lead you to Self-love.  I know first hand, as I be/do/have, live and breathe these practices.  I am talking about yoga, meditation, yoga-nidra, breathwork and living ayurvedically, which means to live according to the daily and seasonal rhythms.  

Ayurveda (ayur – life, veda – knowledge) is intuitive and within reach; it’s literally considered kitchen medicine, simply treat the body with food first.   That said, I am obsessed with the power and healing potential of food, mushrooms, and herbs.  I love it all; from kitchari to medicinal mushrooms, to fermented foods, to superfoods to roasted yams, from watermelon radishes to fish tacos, to oil pulling with coconut oil…

Outside of teaching yoga, mentoring and teaching yoga-teacher-trainings, you might find me brewing water-kefir, picking snap peas off the vine, at the lake with my friends and a whole lotta wildling kids in tow, sipping a fabulous mushroom and fat infused coffee, or playing outdoors in the beauty of my surroundings in Squamish BC. 

In other news, I am an innovator and entrepreneur through and true;

in 2002 I co-­founded NeoAlpine Yoga, Whistler’s first Yoga Studio which is now a YYoga studio which I directed until 2010,

in 2012 I founded Tapasya Hot Yoga (pronounced tah-pah-syah). Tapasya literally means to be with intensity of the sake of transformation.  Tapasya is a spiritually uplifting, alignment-based method of Hot-Hatha and Hatha-Vinyasa yoga. Although each studio has branded their Hot class differently, Tapasya Hot-Hatha + Hatha-Vinyasa inspired classes and teacher trainings are being offered in the UK, Europe, and Canada,

in Sept 2015 I co-founded Squamish Water Kefir Co. Water kefir is a centuries-old fermented drink that is packed full of the probiotics and beneficial enzymes that our bodies love.  We are proud of our delicious product and its ability to bring healthy probiotics and digestive enzymes to kitchen tables in our community and beyond.  Kefir by the way is pronounced “kuh-feer”.


“When I am in right alignment, a beautiful song emerges.”


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Qualifications :

E-RYT 500® Yoga Alliance Certified Yoga Teacher (since 2000)

E-RYT 500® Yoga Alliance Certified Teacher Trainer (since 2006)

★ Canadian Yoga Alliance CYA-RYT Gold (since 2014)

★ Co-­founded NeoAlpine Yoga, Whistler’s first Yoga Studio which is now a YYoga studio (2002)

★ Studio Director NeoAlpine Yoga, Whistler’s first Yoga Studio (2002 – 2010)

★ Former lead Trainer for YYoga YHot + 200-hr Power, Flow, Hatha Teacher Training (2008 – 2016)

Former Head of YHot programming at YYoga (2008 – 2016)

★ Creator + Director of Tapasya Hot Hatha + Hatha-Vinyasa Method and Yoga Teacher Trainings (since 2012)

★ Program Creator / Lead Trainer for Triyoga UK Trihot (Tapasya Yoga Inspired) Teacher Trainings (since 2012)

★ Co-Founder of the Shamanic Yoga Institute (2014)

★ Program Creator / Lead Trainer for YogaMoves NL YogaMoves Hot (Tapasya Yoga Inspired) Teacher Trainings (since 2016)

Guest Teacher Trainer at Triyoga UK, Yoga Moves NL, Shamanic Yoga Institute, Shala Yoga Squamish, Gaiatri and Julia McCabe’s Teacher Trainings

Lululemon Alumni Ambassador, and Tonic Active Wear Ambassador

★ Manduka Mat Ambassador

★ Voted “Reader’s Choice” Yoga Teacher in Squamish BC (2014, 2015, 2016, 2018)

Wanderlust Whistler 2013 Workshop Presenter

Kootenay Spirit Festival 2014 Workshop Presenter

★ For my full professional resume click to download



More Dirt



On a trip to West Africa in 1995 I saw a fetish priest (a mediator between the spirit world and the living) who told me that I’d become a teacher and travel the world-I didn’t believe him one bit! I grew up between Hornby Island, where I learned the power of community and a connection with nature, and also in Toronto, where I got a taste of culture and street savvy. What a fusion of life’s building blocks! I bounced around, travelling to Thailand, Hong Kong, Belize, Honduras, Guatemala, West Africa and studied silver-smithing in San Miguel de Allende Mexico, where I found my way back to my yoga mat in 1997. It was then that I quit my job as a costume designer in the film and television industry, moved to Whistler, and lay the foundation for what my life was to become.

Neoalpine Yoga, Whistler’s first yoga studio opened in 2001 (Bikram Neoalpine Yoga at that time). I partnered up with my dear friend Patrick Creelman who shortly thereafter made the move to Hong Kong to develop the yoga programming at Pure Yoga (which was inspired by our little mountain studio). It wasn’t always sunshine and bluebirds singing on my shoulder-indeed, at one point you would have found me living in an ’82 Volvo station wagon for eleven months taking bottles back for change-but I pressed on. Each time just when I was about to throw in the towel someone in the community would tell me that yoga had made a profound impact in their lives. I pressed on knowing that I had to dig deep and make it work, for I was in the service of the greater good. I knew that I had ride it out and that I would survive. What an adventure.

In 2006 Patrick gifted me his shares, he is a generous friend and in 2008 I partnered with YYoga, which was exactly what I was seeking at the time. My vision board had images of beaches, yoga retreats and teacher training. I was speaking to a potential partner from Boston and while I was at Burning Man that year to think it through, I left the playa thinking, it’s not going to be her. I got home to an email from Lara Kozan who asked me to come have a chat with her and Terry McBride at Nettwerk Records. I thought the meeting was going to be about teaching corporate privates at Nettwerk. Much to my glee, Terry asked me what I wanted to create, I shared my vision and he proposed a partnership.

Just like that! My prayers were answered.

I sold my remaining shares to YYoga in 2010 after the birth of my daughter, and I have returned to what I love most: teaching, training and mentoring teachers.

I am in love with my life path as a Mama, Yoga Teacher, Teacher Trainer, and Mentor for Teacher’s. I love everything yoga; asana, pranayama, meditation, philosophy, ayurveda, vedic-astrology, kirtan and obviously yogi-fashion. Yoga has been the one tangible constant in my life since it found me many moons ago.

At a very young age, I learned the power of visualization, prayer and manifestation when I was gifted a pony from God. Yep, true story. When I was 10-years-old, a stranger approached me at school and explained that she twice had a vision of God instructing her to gift me her pony. She ignored the vision the first time, but the second time she listened.

Her name was Mocha. I have been playing with the art of manifesting my dreams ever since. For instance, I am often compelled to look at the clock when it is 11:11am or 11:11pm-I sometimes nail it twice in one day. For years, I used this opportunity to pray for the chance to be a Mama one day. My daughter was born on 11/11/2010. Boom-shakti! How’s that for manifest?!

“No thing is impossible, the word itself says I’m possible.” -Audrey Hepburn

By being a living embodiment of my belief that we all hold the power to create and manifest our dreams, it is my wish to inspire and empower others to trust in your vision, see your bigger picture, and keep your eye on the prize. My knowing is that you can create and manifest any dream you choose.

“Whether you think you can, or you think you can’t-you’re right.” -Henry Ford


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